Our blood sugar levels change throughout the night. In people with diabetes, these changes can cause high blood sugar levels the next morning. Researchers in Australia looked at how eating a late-night snack before bed impacts blood sugar levels in women with gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy). This recent study found that eating a snack at bedtime slightly increases blood sugar levels in women with gestational diabetes. Researchers looked at different types of snacks and their effects on women’s blood sugar, including on the first morning fasting blood glucose (BGLs). All snacks were designed to be appropriate portion sizes and provide different carbohydrate contents. For example, some snacks were high in carbohydrates, such as an apple and yogurt. Other snacks were low in carbohydrates, such as dark chocolate and almonds. One group of women had no bedtime snack at all. This study included 68 women and all had diabetes during pregnancy that was controlled with diet. They were 24 to 34 weeks pregnant. Participants used a home glucometer to measure blood glucose.

Researchers found that, compared with no bedtime snack, the women who ate both a higher carb snack and lower carb snack had higher fasting blood glucose the next morning. A limitation of this study is that researchers did not know what participants ate for dinner that night. We know that nutrient intake in the evening (such as a dinner high in fat) may influence fasting BGLs the following morning. Further, 61% of study participants were White women, so more research in other populations is needed.

Source: https://bit.ly/3CsEtXT

Photo by Juan José Valencia Antía on Unsplash