Foot disease with diabetes is serious

Diabetes is a serious disease. Many people know about the risk of serious complications linked to diabetes such as heart attacks, strokes, heart failure, blindness and kidney disease. However, people may be less aware of the potential risks to feet. In fact, every twenty seconds somewhere in the world, a person has their foot or leg removed (amputated) because of diabetes. The lifetime risk for a person with diabetes developing a foot ulcer is 34%. More than half of foot ulcers become infected, with 20% of these cases needing some form of amputation. The cost of foot ulcers from diabetes is greater than the cost of the five most expensive forms of cancer.

Prevention works, so have your feet checked

Most foot ulcers can be prevented by not smoking and controlling blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol. Once a year, make sure your feet are checked by your doctor. This means taking socks and shoes off so the doctor can check your circulation pulses in both feet. The doctor can also test for any loss of feeling due to damaged nerves (also called neuropathy). Showing your bare feet to your doctor can prevent a disaster, so request that your doctor do this every year.


Photo by Ryan Hoyme from Pixabay