Vaccination is tested in clinical studies and in the real world

Clinical studies have strict rules that limit the type of people that can participate. This is to make sure that results are due to the new treatment alone, and not by chance or other unrelated causes. However, once a new drug can be prescribed to the public, we need to find out if it works in the “real world” with all types of people.

The COVID-19 vaccine works in the world

The good news is that the COVID-19 vaccine works in the real world. In fact, the vaccine reduces symptoms from the infection by more than 90%. This news comes from researchers in Israel who looked at data from 1.2 million people. Half of the participants had received the Pfizer vaccine. The number of people who were infected and felt sick decreased by 94% if they received two doses of the vaccine. This tells us that vaccination against COVID-19 in the real world on a large scale successfully reduces severe COVID, hospitalizations, and deaths. This data likely included new variants because most of the strains found in Israel are from the B.1.1.7 variant. It is very good news to see this level of effectiveness in a population that has such a high level of the B.1.1.7 variant. It is very likely that we will see other vaccines work well in the real world, too.


Photo by CDC on Unsplash