Different groups of people have different risks for serious complications from diabetes, like excess weight gain, kidney and heart disease. However, most of this research has been done in White people. We know that different races and ethnicities have different rates of diabetes complications. Now researchers are studying racial/ethnic risk for different kinds of people with diabetes. In a new study among South Asian, non-Hispanic White, Chinese, Hispanic, and Black people, researchers found five types of people with diabetes: (1) older when diagnosed with diabetes, (2) with severe high blood sugar, (3) with severe obesity, (4) younger when diagnosed with diabetes, and (5) needing insulin. They found that Hispanic people with diabetes had the highest excess weight gain, but the lowest signs of heart disease. South Asians were youngest when diagnosed with diabetes and had the highest signs of heart disease. At the start of the research, long-term kidney disease was most common in Whites, but Blacks and Hispanics had the highest risk for getting kidney disease over time. One way to eliminate racial/ethnic disparities in diabetes complications is to target people with each of the five kinds of diabetes listed above.

Source: https://bit.ly/2YqT6IA

Photo by Anna Shvets at Pexels