To discuss how to best protect people with diabetes from serious outcomes from COVID-19, Sansum Diabetes Research Institute and the Diabetes Technology Society recently hosted the “International COVID-19 and Diabetes Virtual Summit.” This unique conference united doctors, scientists, government officials, experts, and people with diabetes from all over the world to explore the relationship between COVID-19 and diabetes. Over 800 people participated in this virtual meeting. This conference highlighted the latest COVID-19 research, collaboration, and technology advancements. More specifically, the purpose of the conference was to study how to protect patients with diabetes from COVID-19. It also addressed how to treat people with diabetes if they are infected with COVID-19. The International COVID-19 and Diabetes Summit showed how the COVID-19 pandemic has suddenly created new ways to care for people with diabetes, such as telehealth, and new attitudes towards these healthcare shifts. Diabetes management will never be the same as it was before COVID-19. SDRI and the Diabetes and Technology Society are committed to making life easier for people with and at risk of diabetes.


Photo by Dan Nelson from Pixabay