Evidence shows that treating high blood pressure (known as hypertension, meaning systolic blood pressure above 130 mmHg) makes sense for people with diabetes. To successfully treat high blood pressure, we first need a reliable and accurate way to measure blood pressure. However, there has been a lot of debate about the best method to measure blood pressure. For example, is it best to measure it in a doctor’s visit? Or is it more effective to measure it while people wear a device that records blood pressure every 30 minutes over 24 hours as they go about their normal daily activities? This is called 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure. Or, should we ask people to measure their own blood pressure at home? We know that blood pressure measurements in a doctor’s office can be too high because of a patient’s anxiety. We also know that the 24-hour machines can be uncomfortable to wear. Overall, researchers are now showing that home measurements of blood pressure are more reliable than other methods. The data suggests that 1 week of home blood pressure monitoring may be the best way to diagnose high blood pressure or hypertension. Sansum Diabetes Research Institute plans to do this in 2021.

Source: https://bit.ly/3nWD9Fi

Photo by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay