Around the world, many people suffer from poor nutrition. In fact, about 149 million children are chronically undernourished. Nearly half of all child deaths are caused by “undernutrition.” This is when a child either does not have enough food to eat or is not eating enough healthy food needed for growth and health. In addition, 40 million children under 5 years are overweight, and 678 million adults are obese. This type of poor nutrition contributes to the global rise in people developing type 2 diabetes and other serious obesity-related diseases. In many wealthy and middle-income countries, obesity is more common among poorer people, partly because of the affordability and availability of unhealthy food. COVID-19 has made these problems worse because of many factors, including restricted movement of goods and cuts to household income affecting people’s ability to buy food. Being properly nourished and eating healthy food protects against the effects of infections by supporting our immune system. To end malnutrition, a healthy diet must be seen as a basic right.


Photo by Gabriella Clare Marino on Unsplash