The death rate from COVID-19 in Mexico earlier in 2020 was probably much higher than first reported. In fact, recent estimates suggest that Mexico has lost 50,000 more people to COVID-19 than the original number (88,924) reported, according to the Director of the National Centre for Preventive Programs and Disease Control. The Director compared 2020 death rates to pre-COVID death rates from 2015-2018. There was a huge spike in deaths beginning in April 2020. Weekly deaths reached double the expected level in July, then dropped again in September. The number of deaths in the first 39 weeks of 2020 was much higher than the expected levels. This means that 72% of the excess deaths could be directly linked to COVID-19, making Mexico third in the world for COVID-19 deaths. This indicates that Mexico has lost more than 1 in 1,000 citizens to the virus, a milestone only passed by Peru and San Marino. In recent weeks, the virus has decreased since its July peak, but Mexico’s hospitals have struggled with health worker infections, workers not coming to work, and low testing rates.


Photo by Ricardo Esquivel from Pexels