Losing your sense of smell (the medical term is anosmia) and losing your sense of taste are common symptoms of COVID-19. In fact, COVID-19 can cause someone to lose these senses (smell and taste) without the other common symptoms of cough or fever. However, few countries recommend isolating yourself and getting tested just because you have had smell or taste changes. In a new study from London, researchers wanted to find out how many people have developed antibodies to the virus that causes COVID-19 (SARS-2-CoV) who also have a new loss in smell and/or taste. Researchers sent text messages to invite people who experienced a recent loss in their sense of smell and/or taste to participate. Participants completed online questionnaires about their loss of smell and/or taste and other COVID-19 symptoms before having a test to find out if they had antibodies to the virus. Researchers found that 78% of 567 people with smell and/or taste loss had antibodies to the virus. Of these, 40% did not have cough or fever. They also found that participants with a loss of smell were 3 times more likely to have the antibodies, compared to those with a loss of taste. These findings show that (1) loss of smell is a very specific symptom of COVID-19 and (2) COVID-19 can present in people with a loss of smell and/or taste without cough or fever.

Source: https://bit.ly/34QnLlK

Photo by Marina Vitale on Unsplash