Researchers agree that regular moderate-to-vigorous intensity exercise (such as walking, running or cycling) can improve the immune system and reduce inflammation. One serious consequence of COVID-19 is that inflammation goes into overdrive and damages organs. We already know that being physically active lowers risk (by 40-50%) of catching the common cold and flu. Exercising also reduces the severity of the common cold and flu. These benefits are probably due to the immune system working better to fight off infection. However, there have also been concerns that intense exercise may be bad for the body. This is because it could suppress the immune system, putting people at greater risk of infection with viruses. Experts concluded that, for the general population, vigorous exercise for 150 minutes per week is not bad for the immune system. On the contrary, regular moderate-to-vigorous physical activity and structured exercise helps the immune system work well. For more vulnerable people (like older individuals and those at a higher risk from COVID-19), home-based exercise is recommended during the current pandemic.


Photo by Pexels