We know that diabetes is a risk factor for poor outcomes from COVID-19. Until now, we were unsure if blood sugar control for people with diabetes was also important. New findings from a very large study in the United Kingdoms show that the COVID-19 pandemic is linked to a sharp rise in early death in people with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. COVID-19 deaths in people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes are associated with older age, male sex, low-income level, non-white ethnicity, cardiovascular disease, kidney problems, and being obese or underweight, as well as with poor blood sugar control (measured by HbA1c). In people with type 2 diabetes, COVID-19-related death was significantly higher in those with an HbA1c of 7.6% or higher compared to those with lower HbA1c (6.5 to 7.0%), especially in people of working age. These findings tell us that (a) everyone living with diabetes should have a recent HbA1c test, and (b) the goal is to try to lower HbA1c below 7.6% in people with type 2 diabetes. This will help to prevent serious complications related to COVID-19. In type 1 diabetes, there is a similar pattern, but the risk was more certain with an HbA1c above 10%.

Source: https://bit.ly/323cP2H

Photo by Bret Kavanaugh on Unsplash