Adults with type 2 diabetes who replaced their usual breakfast and afternoon or evening snack with a nutritional shake reduced their blood sugar levels by almost half. In a recent study, 81 adults taking medicines by mouth for type 2 diabetes were divided into 3groups to compare (a) usual meals, (b) consuming shakes as meal replacement for breakfast and lunch and (c) consuming the same shakes at breakfast and before bed. The participants had their blood sugar levels measured using continuous glucose monitors (CGM) for 7-14 days. Researchers found that participants who drank a shake instead of eating their usual breakfast, and who drank a shake for an afternoon snack lowered their blood sugar levels the most compared with the others. Further, the group that consumed breakfast and afternoon shakes experienced fewer cravings for starchy foods (like bread, pasta, and potatoes). This group also reported an increase in confidence in choosing the right foods to control their blood sugar response. These new findings suggest that both timing and content of meals may be important factors for individuals with type 2 diabetes.


Photo by Fa Romero Photography from Pexels