High blood pressure (hypertension) and diabetes are common conditions. They are also important risk factors, both separately and in combination, for developing cardiovascular disease and even early death. Researchers from Sweden followed 62,557 people with high blood pressure over 7 years to look at the effects of diabetes, education level and income on the risk of early death and cardiovascular problems, like heart attacks and strokes. They found that for people with high blood pressure and diabetes, they had a 57% higher risk of death, a 24% higher risk of heart attack, and a 17% higher risk of stroke. For people with low incomes and diabetes, their risk of death was nearly 4-fold and the risk of a heart attack and stroke 2-fold compared to people with higher incomes. This means that doctors should make sure that these risk factors are controlled in their patients. This includes promoting healthy lifestyle changes and better control of blood pressure, lipids, and blood sugar.

Source: https://bit.ly/3igF5VS

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