We know already that a COVID-19 infection can cause a severe inflammatory response affecting many organs in the body. More recently, people are discovering that the virus can also cause symptoms that can last beyond the actual infection. These include fatigue, insomnia, joint pains, brain fog, heart damage, high blood pressure and diabetes. Now scientists are trying to identify why these symptoms occur in certain people, how common they are, how long they last, who’s at risk, and how to treat and prevent them. One group in Italy found that 87% of patients who were treated in the hospital were still struggling 2 months later. Based on a smartphone app that collects data from people infected with COVID-19, 10% to 15% of people (including some “mild” cases) don’t recover quickly. Whatever way you look at it, COVID-19 is a very serious disease.

Source: https://bit.ly/2DhQK8b

Photo by Rawpixel