The weather is finally sunny and warm – summer is back! But there is still a pandemic to consider. So, which activities can you safely do this summer, and which should you avoid? When making your decisions, think about four things: person, place, space, and time. Keep the number of people around you at a BBQ or other social event as low as possible (perhaps 10 or less) and also invite family members and friends rather than a large number of neighbors. Swimming in outdoor pools may be a safer summer activity because chlorinated water and the outdoor air make it difficult for the virus to survive. You are unlikely to catch the virus simply from walking past an infected person or jogging past someone on an uncrowded trail. You are more likely to catch it in a crowded space where you cannot be six feet away from other people. Whatever activities you do, avoid touching your face and keep washing your hands.


Photo by Joe Pizzio at Unsplash.