A new study shows that in the United States, more and more African Americans are dying from COVID-19 than whites or other ethnic groups. 13.4% of the American population is black. Counties with higher black populations make up over half of all COVID-19 cases and nearly 60% of deaths. This study shows that there is a higher rate of COVID-19 diagnoses and deaths in counties where many African Americans live. Additionally, there are higher rates of diabetes and deaths related to heart disease in this population. This is due to many factors, including social conditions, racism, access to health care, how many people live in the same household, and employment status. Together, these factors raise the risk for COVID-19 diagnoses and deaths in black communities across the country.

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/05/05/health/coronavirus-african-americans-study/index.htm

Photo by Rachel Martin at Unsplash