If you have diabetes and are Hispanic, then you are at a higher risk for hospital readmission thirty days after discharge.

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Why are patients re-admitted to the hospital shortly after discharge? Can we predict which patients will be re-admitted to the hospital within thirty days?

Interestingly, researchers discovered that race and ethnicity are big factors in determining if someone needs to be readmitted to the hospital or not. Specifically, black and Hispanic adult patients have the highest readmission rate. Meanwhile, white and Asian patients have the lowest risk for readmission.

Overall, Hispanic patients go to the hospital for diabetes-related causes more often than non-Hispanics. In fact, for Hispanic patients, diabetes is the top reason for readmission after they leave the hospital. This could be because of worse medical care for racial minorities with diabetes. Also, people with diabetes at larger hospitals have higher readmission rates than those at smaller hospitals. Finally, researchers found that the risk of hospital readmission increases in Hispanics who make less than $40,000 per year compared to white patients with the same income.

In general, black and Hispanic individuals have a high risk for developing diabetes. As a result, it is very important to target healthcare programs for these specific populations. This will help them avoid hospital readmission.

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Photo credit Martha Dominguez at Unsplash.