There are many benefits to using a continuous glucose monitor in one’s diabetes treatment plan. Especially for young Latinos with type 1 diabetes, this device can help keep blood sugar in a healthy range.

More about continuous glucose monitoring

The use of a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) for young adults with type 1 diabetes has many benefits compared to the use of fingersticks. What is a continuous glucose monitor? It is a small device worn on the skin that can measure changes in blood sugar level around-the-clock every few minutes. This allows people to track not only what their blood sugar level is, but also whether the level is getting higher, lower or staying the same. This device can be easily incorporated into people’s everyday lives without the worry of fingersticks. It also provides a lot of benefits for their diabetes treatment plan. Research shows that having this level of ongoing feedback can help people make better treatment decisions. In fact, it may also help reduce average blood sugar levels (A1C) in the long-term.

It is very common for Latino teens and young adults with type 1 diabetes to struggle to keep their blood sugar level in a healthy range. As we know, too high of blood sugar level can cause serious health complications if not treated. Using a CGM is a great way to address the issue of maintaining healthy blood sugar levels for young Latinos.

This study found that, after 6 months of using the CGM, the young participants (ages 14- 24) had a .4% decrease in A1C level compared with fingersticks. In addition, participants using CGM spent 7% (or 1.7 hours) more time within a healthy blood sugar level range compared to the group that used fingersticks. In general, the group using the CGM experienced much less hyperglycemia. This group was also more satisfied with their blood sugar monitoring than the other group.

In recent years, researchers have improved the CGM technology. Today, it is a much easier-to-use device than before. In conclusion, this study shows a very positive outlook on the use of diabetes technology for young Latino populations. This device offers many benefits in diabetes management and treatment.

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