A third of hospital stays in California result from diabetes and complications. Almost half are Latino. Also, Latinos with diabetes usually have to stay in the hospital for more days than non-Latinos with diabetes.

More about diabetes and hospital stays

Diabetes plays a big role in hospitalizations and related costs in California. In fact, diabetes causes a third of California hospital stays in adults 35 years or older. The increase in diabetes leads to higher health care costs in the United States.

This study found that 31% of hospitalizations in California in 2011 were diabetes-related among patients 35 years or older. Of those hospitalizations, 43% were Latino patients and 39% were African-American and Asian-American patients. Only 27% were white patients. Latino patients with diabetes had fewer discharges than non-Latino white patients with diabetes.

Additionally, another study found that Latino patients stay in the hospital on average 4.61 more days than non-Latino white patients. In general, people with diabetes have to stay in the hospital longer compared to people without diabetes. In terms of cost, these hospitalizations cost $2,200 more for those with diabetes than for those without diabetes.

Researchers found that type 2 diabetes and its complications caused 90 to 95% of diabetes-related hospitalizations. For that reason, the study recommends that we encourage healthy habits as a way to prevent type 2 diabetes. These healthy habits include eating healthy foods, getting enough physical activity, limiting sugar intake, and maintaining a healthy weight.

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