Diabetes in people with a stroke history is the most common in Mexican Americans. Minorities are more affected by diabetes and stroke than whites.

More about diabetes and stroke

Diabetes and stroke both affect ethnic minority populations more so than white populations. African Americans have the highest amount of undiagnosed diabetes and prediabetes, compared to Mexican Americans and non-Latino whites. African Americans are also twice as likely to have uncontrolled blood pressure compared to non-Latino whites.

Mexican Americans with a history of stroke have the most diagnosed diabetes (at 42.7%), followed by African Americans (35.7%) and non-Latino whites (24.4%). In this national sample of stroke survivors, 1 in 4 stroke survivors had diabetes or prediabetes. Additionally, nearly 1 in 4 had undiagnosed diabetes. Among stroke survivors, those with diabetes usually have worse health outcomes than those without diabetes.

In the United States, racial/ethnic minorities have higher stroke incidence than whites. There’s also a high level of undiagnosed diabetes in stroke survivors, especially among the racial/ethnic minority populations. They also found that Mexican Americans and African Americans over 65 years old usually have less access to primary care physicians. In addition, they are less likely to fill their prescriptions due to cost when compared to whites.

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