When the family is more supportive, Latino kids with type 1 diabetes have more success in managing their diabetes. For example, they are more likely to take their medication and have better control of their diabetes with family support. The amount of family support and involvement really makes a difference in Latino youth’s success in managing their diabetes.

More about Latino youth family support

Family support plays a big role in diabetes management for Latino youth with type 1 diabetes. The more support that exists within the family, the more likely the patient will take their medication. Higher level of dependence on the parents is also linked to better medication adherence and better glycemic control.

In addition, controlling your blood glucose level leads to better health outcomes. For example, it can delay the development of diabetes complications. In this study, researchers measured family involvement by the degree of family support in terms of diabetes care and the youths’ level of responsibility for their own diabetes management. When family members are less involved and supportive, Latino youth with diabetes are more likely to not manage their diabetes well. For example, the more support and involvement within the family, the more likely Latino youth with type 1 diabetes are to take their medication.

This study also found that more recent generational status (less years lived in the United States) leads to better diabetes management and control. One potential reason for this is because traditional Latino culture greatly values respecting authority. As a result, patients follow their doctor’s orders, leading to better adherence and diabetes management.

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