Having diabetes is very expensive. People with diabetes spend a lot of money on health care. Diabetes also affects the money you make from your job. For example, you might have to miss some days of work, not be able to do certain work duties because of your health, or have to leave work early for doctor’s appointments. This is your diabetes productivity cost.

More about diabetes productivity cost

This study looks at how much money is lost in “productivity” as a result of having diabetes. They use the following markers to assess this loss: employees missing work, diabetes-related disability, employees on the job, and early death. Men with diabetes have a higher overall productivity loss, about $708 per year. Also, people with more education (above a high school degree) also have higher productivity loss, about $758 per year. This study found that the highest productivity loss in adults with diabetes occurred in non-Latino whites, followed by Latinos, and then non-Latino blacks. For Latinos with diabetes, the productivity cost is about $2,584 per year.

This study also looks at productivity cost related to diabetes self-management programs. However, they found no evidence that chronic disease management programs influence indirect productivity loss one way or the other.

In conclusion, people with diabetes lose income money each year. Latinos with diabetes lose more money than non-Latinos whites and blacks. In fact, Latinos with diabetes lose about $2,584 per year.

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Photo by Niels Steeman on Unsplash.