People with diabetes should take their medicine because it will lower their risk of death. In general, Latinos are not taking their diabetes medication more than any other group.

More about Latinos with diabetes and medication adherence

More Latinos are not taking their prescribed diabetes medication than any other racial/ethnic group. This study looks how medication adherence impacts glycemic control and mortality in a sample of veterans with diabetes. They found that individuals with diabetes who take their prescribed medication have better glycemic control and lower risk of death. For youth with type 1 diabetes, better medication obedience leads to better glycemic control. In type 2 diabetes, poor medication adherence is associated with death.

Latinos and African Americans have a high rate of poorly controlled diabetes. For example, in this study, the amount of people that don’t take their medication is much higher in Latinos (over 70%) than in non-Latino whites and blacks (less than 20%).

Overall, how you control your diabetes has a direct impact on your mortality rate based on race/ethnicity. In all races/ethnicities, you are at a higher risk of death if you don’t take your diabetes medication as prescribed. Risk of death also increases with older age and the number of complications from diabetes. In conclusion, future initiatives should aim to improve medication adherence in Latinos with diabetes, and to start diabetes medications early upon diagnosis.

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Photo by Joshua Coleman on Unsplash.